Business Process Automation

Capex Approval Management System

Emami Ltd.
Earlier Emami managed the entire budgeting manually, which lead to time taking approval process. The client incurred high cost of recurring printing & transportation. Other major problem was to keep a track of all approved / rejected budget.
Client required an effective work flow management application to manage the budgeting of all units and cost centres.
Our team developed a customised application in mere 4 months time as per the client’s requirement. It helped the client in achieving their goal to a great extent.
The usage of the application has shown positive results in the following areas-
  • Multi-level and simple to complex approval cycles.
  • Easy attachment of supporting documentation.
  • Eliminate manual and non-standardized processes.
  • Improve collaboration and access to critical assets.
  • Notifications and reporting.
  • Avoidance of unproductive communications and emails.
  • Providing a clear audit trail that’s easy to understand and manage.
  • Improved KPA’s and KRA’s.

Royalty Point & Customer Delivery Management

Sagar Finstock Pvt. Ltd.
SFPL was looking to built a cost effective Royalty Point & Delivery Management Application for their existing corporate and individual customers. This application would help the customers in redeeming their Royalty Points by calling on the provided toll free number. At the back end, the call centre executives would track the customer with the valid identity proof and make the customer aware of the offer against the available point. This application would also help in tracking delivery of the material ordered.
Our team developed a customised application to fit the client needs within 2 months.
This application helped the Sales Managers to finally get rid of day to day excel reports and have real-time access of sales data, analyse performance on a daily basis.
This application also helps Sales Managers in understanding the buyer segments / geographical locations to help the clients in sales forecasting.

Sales Force Management

IPG Internet Capital Ltd.
The client needed a cost effective CRM / Sales Force Management application to help the sales managers get a greater visibility into sales and distribution channels. This application would help in identifying new opportunities and potential sales and also help the sales managers in tracking sales team’s performance individually and group wise.
We have customised & implemented Zurmo CRM (Free open source CRM solution) in 2 months time.
This application helps the client to achieve the goal.
This application helped the Sales Managers in getting rid of day to day Excel reports and have real-time access of every sales data and analyse performance on a daily basis.
It also helps the Sales Managers to know the buyer segments / geographical locations and also in sales forecasting.

Material Management System

The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Garments goes through a long and complex processing which starts from making yarn out of cotton, converting that yarn to different types of fabrics to matching- cross matching out of cotton and it goes on till the product is complete.
With quality assurance at every stage and sub stage, you can understand the complexity of the process. Any process this long and complex is a difficult and challenging work.
Thus, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills were looking for an effective ERP solution.
Our ERP, developed for managing Inventory, Production Planning, Quality Assurance, Sales & Distribution can reduce the complexity of the process by a great deal. It reduces surplus inventory to bare minimum, surplus manpower is cut down and results in increased profits by a considerable percentage.
The software has produced positive result in the following areas:
  • Inventory Control: Reduced surplus inventory, theft and misuse of raw material at every stage. RFID / Barcode based material tracking. Made the material issue and return process easier.
  • Purchasing: Better Supplier Management, supplier wise extensive reporting / tracking.Evaluation of Quotation, Online PO generation, Partial Material Receipt option, Material return option.
  • Production Planning: Creation of BOM, BOM Archival Facility, Material Purchase & Issue to Production floor as per BOM.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality check at every stage starting from raw material to end product. Better sampling and inspection procedure.

Document Management System

Kesoram Industries Ltd.
Client required a cost effective Document Management application to store different share certificate digitally and respective department can access them as and when required.
We have implemented our Digital Asset Management solutions which gives them a extensive facility to store their certificate.
It is a scalable application which have the facility to store huge number of documents.
The application has the ability to store document company wise and department wise.
At the time of data entry, users have the facility to setup multiple search keywords which helps the users to do an effective search. Software has the facility to backup data in an external device and Admin has the authority to create users with specific roles and accessibility.