Mobile Based Sales Team Activity Tracking and Sales Order

McNROE wanted to track the daily activity of their existing sales team. It is really complex to manage or monitor them real time. Keeping in mind McNROE wanted to implement a User Friendly Mobile Solutions to track them.
Sales Order and Closing Stock tracking helps the user to track the real-time location of the sales employees and their duration of stay along with the distance travelled by them. Through this system, they can submit the sales orders and can work on the app both in online and offline modes. This apps make the business supervision easy for the sales head.
The solution is having the following unique features
  • Real time Sales order submission.
  • Online Login function.
  • Geo location tracking of the sales person both in offline and online mode.
  • Distance of traveling of the sales person from one place to another and total distance travel per day basis tracking function is also present into the system.
  • Geo-Fencing function to calculate the duration of stay of each employee into a particular location is also present into the system.
  • Stock update by Distributor.
  • Beat Allocation by SO.
Native Android

Brand Track

Emami wanted to monitor their advertising and branding activity on real time basis. Branding & Advertising activities mostly managed by third party agencies. It is really complex to manage or monitor them real time. Keeping in mind Emami wanted to implement a User Friendly Mobile Solutions to track them.
We have developed the mobile app to capture real time data of your Advertising & Branding activity. The solution is having the following unique features
Road Shows: Measure key matrices such as activity image, audience turnover, sales figures, gifting volumes
Retail Branding: Measure effectiveness of retail signages, facia, in-shop footfall, etc with databases generated for shop keeper contacts, shop names, etc.
Survey Management: Get consolidated insights on big data generated through surveys across platforms.
Lead Management: To reduce the gap of lead generation to conversion, this tool helps field promoters to capture contact details of interested customers and once submitted, the system automatically flashes the lead data to respective Sales Team/ Channel Partner with a consolidated report to Regional Sales head. Email IDs are to be configured in the system accordingly by the user. Feedback Management: Find out what your customers are saying about you through online and offline monitors
OOH Monitor: Calculate ROI more efficiently on your OOH ad investments and get real time updates on customer engagements and feedback
Native Android

Apartment Appraisal

Client was using a web application to prepare a monthly status report of the condition of individual unit in an apartment. Because of ever changing IT landscape client want to use a app which will be device compatible and also work in offline mode / without internet facility.
We have developed a Windows App which can be installed in any Windows 8.1 devices and have the ability to work offline. Client can install this app in any Windows tab / laptops / mobiles and generate the desired report. The export to Excel facility is there to generate a local report.
When the internet connectivity is in place the local database automatically pull the data into the cloud which also help client to work online and also safe guard the existing data.