Indware provides professional, state-of-the-art and exclusive website design, development and maintenance services. Our professional team help brands to develop feature rich and interactive websites that allow brands to carve their niche in the online space.
We have the technical and business expertise to create sustainable, robust and interactive online platforms. Our end-to-end solutions allow clients to enhance their online Presence.

We are Specialize in

  • Static Responsive Website Development
  • Dynamic Responsive Website Development
  • Content Management System
  • Blog
  • Mobile Website Development


  • PHP
  • Dot Net
  • WordPress
  • Drupal


It’s a matter of far vision to develop a great app. From conceptualising to design and development indware is capable of producing best quality apps.
Indware offers mobile applications that help organizations to communicate with their customers/vendors through mobile devices. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we design and build mobile applications that are user-friendly, cross platform compatible and facilitate easy and quick data processing. We develop apps for android and ios platforms.

We are Specialise in

  • Enterprise Apps
  • Consumer Apps
  • Indispensable and Utility Apps


  • Native
  • Hybrid


Indware specialises in the development of webstores that integrate all the functions of the physical store with the online services and provide a smooth, streamlined and user-friendly channel for B2B and B2C products and services.
E-Commerce portals provide real-time actionable data to clients that help them enhance their marketing and branding strategies.
Indware E Commerce solutions also help companies to showcase their products and services effectively online by creating a highly engaging platform for customer interaction and experience sharing.

We are Specialize in

  • Responsive E Commerce Development
  • Multi-Currency E Commerce Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Mobile Commerce Development
  • Multi Store E Commerce Development
  • Third Party CRM Integration


  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Woo Commerce


Over the years Indware has developed hundreds of applications through comprehensive development projects. We have built highly advanced systems with complex business logic that deals with large amounts of data and transactions. Our customised solutions ensure that even the most complex business ideas have a simple and easy implementation.
Indware uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop systems that provide actionable insights and streamlined processes to businesses big and small. Our proven methodologies and customised approach ensure that our solutions are suited for your business. We have a project based approach and have over the years carved a niche in the market for timely delivery of product and efficient service.

We are Specialise in

  • Manufacturing – Vendor / Customer Portal, Dealer / Distributor / Management System, Secondary Stock Control System, Document & Workflow Management, Integration with ERP, CRM & other third party software.
  • Education – Student Life Cycle Management / E-learning / Online Training
  • Healthcare – Hospital & Pathology Management
  • Travel / Hospitality – Travel Portal Development, Hotel Management System
  • Legal Services –Document & Workflow Management
  • Finance – Purchase & Sales


  • Dot Net
  • PHP


We have highest level of expertise in UI & UX designing. User Interface design is the part of the software product / web app / mobile app that faces the user when he looks at it and the User Experience relates to how the user feel when they look at the software product / web app / mobile app aka the broad scope. In short, the entire package is what makes it good UX, whereas good UI is always a very important inner element of that. We are dedicated in creating products, services and interactive experiences that deliver a superlative User Experience (UX). We offer clear, relevant, concise and easy-to-use Web Applications, Portals, Mobile/Tab Applications and Desktop Applications for varied needs.
Indware aims to provide unique, straight-forward, fresh and customised User Experience (UX) for your audience.

We are Specialize in

  • Web UI Design & Development
  • E Commerce UI Design & Development
  • Mobile App UI Design & Development
  • Software Application UI Design & Development
  • Dashboard Design & Development


  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Angular Js
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Indware provides professional, state-of-the-art and exclusive complete digital marketing solutions for your business. Our team of highly skilled digital marketers help brands develop a rich presence in the web world that allow brands to carve their niche in the online space. Indware has specialised developers who have the technical and business expertise to create sustainable and long lasting presence in the web world. Our end-to-end solutions allow clients to enhance their customer base.

We are Specialise in

  • Website Audit
  • On Page & Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • PPC Strategy & Implementation
  • Online Press Release
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Web & Social Media Content Development


  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Slide Share


We offer organisations to implement CRM to automate their marketing & sales. We help companies make a quick transition to running their sales, customer service and marketing processes to on demand Cloud based SaaS application – CRM.
Our CRM experts helps organisations to implement proprietary, customised and open source CRM solutions.

We offer the follwoing proven implementation approach:

  • Business process mapping & Requirements Gathering
  • Gap Analysis
  • Setup, configuration, Implementation
  • Customization
  • Deployment
  • Post Implementation Support

Our CRM value proposition is aimed at bringing in value to the customer in the following areas

  • Leverage our Delivery Model for a faster, more cost efficient deployment.
  • Leverage CRM’s flexibility and implementation methodology to deliver enterprise scale agile CRM in minimal time.
  • Leverage our strong Domain knowledge to deploy industry specific solutions through different products.


  • Zoho
  • vTiger
  • ODOO
  • Zurmo

Cloud Computing

We offer flexible cloud solutions for different enterprises which helps them to scaleup seamlessly, expand rapidly and stay flexible without compromising security.
Cloud based managed services allow you to focus on running your business while our team of technical professionals maintains your cloud environment, even your on premise IT situation.

Our cloud expertise are as follows

  • Selection of Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Setup & Configaration
  • Compliance and security consulting
  • Capacity planning and sizing
  • Solution architecture
  • Backup


  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

Business Analytics

Today’s business environment appreciates the importance of data and the information embedded in it for organization growth and sustenance. However there is an increasing demand for efficient data discovery and information management systems to ensure the effectiveness of Analytics and BI platforms.
The scope of data discovery extends beyond the business information systems boundary into the external information sources – social platforms, market data, and industry news, competitor and partner data, government policies and regulations.
This sheer volume of structured and unstructured data (aka “big data”) needs efficient algorithms for driving the business information needs for continued organizational growth.
Our strong team of analysts specializes in driving this analytics revolution across industry and business functional units. We specialize in

  • Defining the KPI’s for effective business analytics through our expertise across industry sectors and functional business units.
  • Analysis of Business Information Systems and external sources for identification of supporting data sources.
  • Data Discovery, Exploration and Visualization.
  • Predictive Modeling for Analytics and Decision Making.
  • Modelling cross-functional data driven business insight.
  • Evaluation of BI and Analytics platforms.
  • Implementation of Business Analytics platform.

Application Security

The amount of critical data on the web increases, as more and more companies bring their businesses online. In such a scenario, it is essential for organisation to ensure the maximum security for the information stored online.
We ensure that your online data is safe and completely under your control. Our state of the art application security services allows you to secure your existing application.

We offer the following Application Security Services

  • Security Assessments
  • Implementing an application security strategy for your organization
  • Vulnarability Assessment & Penetration Testing for Web & Mobile App
  • Source Code Review

Indware provides the perfect security solutions to ensure protection against potential threats arising from attacks such as network eavesdropping, cookie replays, website hacking, credential theft, etc. It also protects against internal errors such as buffer overflow, SQL injection and data tampering. Baryon’s solutions help handle sensitive data effectively and also increase security of websites, portals and intranets for organisations.