Smart Inventory Management System, Avenpro BI

    Introduction to The Future of Smart Inventory Management Software Avenpro BI

    Avenpro BI is an AI enabled Machine Learning based application, which uses your MIS reports to find out the root causes of your business problems, like ill-managed inventory, Insufficient Production or delayed production, failing delivery timelines, De-growth in sales so on and so forth and at the end of every problem is Revenue Loss.

    Avenpro BI extract all the data from your existing MIS and creates the unique BI platform that actually steers you to Significant Revenue Increase and Magnificent Profit.

    Avenpro BI is the guaranteed formula for positive cash flow, designed by the best industry professionals over the last decade.

    How do We Do it?

    Data accumulation

    Import existing MIS data, Import manually with excel files or with APIs. Also import historical data all in to the system.

    Data Processing (AI Engine)

    The data is warehoused, cleaned and indexed. Machine Learning uses various algorithms, logics and the historical data to determine the correct course of action based on Theory of Constraints & LEAN theory.


    The need for an accurate and precise visualization, is for a Faster and Better Decision Making and to maintain an uninterrupted efficiency of the mechanism and the resources to yield the Maximum Profit.

    What can we DO?


    Sales & Distribution

    Packaging & Logistics


    Benefits of using Avenpro BI

    Improved process throughput of a product or service

    Reduced lead times and inventory levels (Realistically optimum based on actual demand)

    Increased profitability through achieving a throughput goal

    Improved customer satisfaction and supplier performance

    Increased productivity, capacity and quality

    Improved culture, employee engagement and problem solved.


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